Kindred Skincare

Bâton de Couleur


Who doesn’t need a pop of color and a little shimmer? Our very popular Bâton is now available in a colorful stick that can be used on face and body.  Mineral powder adds a little color and shimmer to cheeks, lips, shoulders, arms, etc.


Amour (NEW SHADE): bronze purple with iridescent shine

Rosé: cool tone pink with silver glow

Vin: burnt red orange

Peche: warm tone peachy pink with gold glow

Violet: sheer tinted violet

d'Or: true golden glow 

Other Uses:
– Swipe this rich color onto your lids as an eye shadow.
– Arms and legs get an added glow when you highlight them with d’Or. 

Ingredients (all organic):
Mango butter, Evening primrose oil, Calendula oil, Rose geranium oil, and Mineral powder.

This product is vegan and pregnancy-safe.

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