Original Chic by Odalisque

Classic Blush


Our blush is called "classic" for a reason... it is always in style! Sheer, buildable coverage makes it super easy to use and perfect for all skin types. Doesn't look powdery at all! 


Daze: dusty plum

Echo: muted pink plum 

Flirtacious: dirty muted plumy brown 

Lady Bug: gingered auburn

Sultry: dusty rose 

Fantasia: light subtle lilac

Flutter: muted peachy pink

Ease: fresh peachy rose 

Entice: light plumy brown & gold shimmer

Mellow: light apricot

Voyer: pinked plum with soft golden sheen

Playful: light pink

Simmer: muted rose peach

Unsung: bright peachy pink 

Pinchy: mid-tone plum lilac

Ruffles: petal pink rose 

Cheeky: perfect mid-tone rosy pink 

Buddha: ginger brown

First Blush: plum with gold flecks and pink

Look at me: bubble gum pink

Saffron: warm pinked saffron with soft golden sheen

Bottoms Up: vivid reddish & gold shimmer

Expert: peachy apricot

Touch: caramel bisque

Why we love: 

  • triple milled fine powders
  • highly pigmented
  • lightweight texture glides on smoothly and evenly

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