Ildi Pekar

Exfoliating Face Polish


Ildi created her water activated face polish with certified organic
ingredients and tender loving care. The stars of this unique
exfoliator are freshly ground Helichrysum, Chamomile and
CBD. Everlasting Helichrysum flower is a great antioxidant, that
keeps the skin smooth, as well as helps to prevent and brighten age
spots.The added CBD has rejuvenating and nurturing properties. See immediate results, using this exfoliator you will look and feel like you got a Deep Cleansing Facial. It delivers instant radiance, and a glowy, clean complex.

Directions: Dispense a dime-sized amount of finely ground face
polish into the palm of your hands, add a small amount of water ,
rub your hands together and create a foaming lather. (Use to
measure the dime size with the help an I Pekar gold spoon, that is
included with the product.) Apply to your face using circular motions. 

For best results leave the product on your skin for 5
minutes, then gently rinse it off.

Ingredients: arrowroot powder, helichrysum flowers, organic chamomile flowers, sweet orange essential oil, baking soda, sodium cocoyl isethionate, citric acid, brown rice powder, silk protein, Cannabidiol isolate
extract (CBD).


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