Maker + Merchant

First Light Botanical Perfume

$20 $40

ginger root + cedar leaf + citrus rind

Ingredients: Steam distilled essential oils in a base of certified organic sunflower oil

work natural miracles.

The warming solar energy of ginger root and grapefruit rind combine to brighten mood and awaken the senses. Then balanced with two varieties of sacred cedar and organic rosemary to enhance mental clarity while calming the nervous system. Formulated for the solar plexus and crown chakra, First Light imparts feelings of warmth + joy. 

the ritual.

Roll this perfumed oil over pulse points to awaken the senses and invigorate the mind. Apply + reapply anytime a mental pick me up is in order. 


Maker + Merchant are proud to support certified organic U.S.-based farms. Sustainable, regeneratively produced ingredients that encourage healthy skin - and a healthy planet- are at the core of everything M+M does. First Light is purely plant-based and created with 97% USDA-certified organic ingredients. 

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