Senteurs d'Orient

Jasmine of Arabia Soothing Bath Salts


Turn your bathing ritual into an at home-spa like experience with our 100% Mediterranean Sea salts.

Our Jasmine of Arabia bath salts are naturally harvested, hand-roasted, delicately infused with essential oils and hand-wrapped in 9 precious natural gauze pouches. The Jasmine of Arabia imparts the most exquisite fragrance with its floral and sweet notes known to deeply calm the nervous system and enhance mood for a positive, energetic, and romantic bath. Created with a blend of Petit Grain and Jasmine essential oils.

How to use: 

  • Usage: Infuse one to two salt pouches into warm bath. Also you can slip salt pouches into closet drawers for subtle scent.
  • Form: 9 individual pouches
  • Weight: 9 x 35g | 1.2 oz

Free of: 

  • ✘ Parabens
  • ✘ Colorants
  • ✘ Silicones
  • ✘ SLS
  • ✘ Bleach

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