Royal Fern

Phytoactive Illuminating Ampoules



Description: Phytoactive Illuminating Ampoules contain highly concentrated plant-based active ingredients which gently lighten the skin and give it a lasting glow. Excessive pigment production is reduced, collagen synthesis is stimulated. Additionally, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide optimize the balance of your skin’s moisture, making it appear visibly plumper, smoother, and more even.

An admirable instant effect: with every application, the Phytoactive Illuminating Ampoules give your skin a wonderful luminosity. So after a long, demanding day, you can infuse a tired and lackluster complexion with the characteristic Royal Fern radiance.

  • Free of mineral oils

  • Free of parabens

  • Vegan

Application: Apply to face and neck in the evening after cleansing or while travelling to give your skin a boost.
To open, wrap a towel or handkerchief around the neck of the ampoule and hold in place. With the other hand, grip the neck of the ampoule firmly and snap open at the bottom-most colored ring.

Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Fern extract, Asian lizards tail (plant extract), Niacinamide, Chlorophyll,  

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