La Bouche Rouge

Pink and Neutral Luxury Lipstick


** INFINITELY REFILLABLE: This La Bouche Rouge product offers a refillable leather case. Choose to purchase one of these cases for the good of the earth, and for a chic touch to your everyday makeup products. *sold separately*

Lipstick that is good for your lips and the environment...simultaneously serving as a lipstick and skin care.

Discover the key ingredients: 

SAINT SULIAC SEAWEED: Saint Suliac's spring seaweed is an active ingredient that offers the lips a real rejuvenation treatment. It hydrates and restores the lips to their natural colour and redefines its contours.
THE THREE GOLDEN OILS: A 100% organic virgin jojoba oil with protective properties, A vegetable squalane from 100% olives for exceptional emollient and hydration leaving a silky touch, Shea butter from a responsible West African company known for its nourishing virtues
HYALURONIC ACID: The hyaluronic acid combined with vegetal castor oil has a deep moisturising and plumping effect on the lips.
VITAMIN E: Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to protect and smoothen your lips.
PIGMENT INFUSION: Our pigments are micronised then infused in a vegetable oil to achieve a pure, intense color, an ultra-comfortable and smooth application and perfect fix.
NO MICROPLASTICS: Our formulas do not contain silicon nor microplastics.


Rose Wood- warm pink

Nude Pink- discrete pink 

Dewy Pink- bright dewy pink 

Cherry Pink- soft cherry pink 

 Nude Brown: dark nude 

Peach Balm: sheer peach

White Balm: reparative sheer balm 

All lipsticks are composed of a refillable lipstick case and an eco-refill. The lipstick  formula is vegan, cruelty-free and without beeswax. It does not include petroleum derivatives nor silicone.

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