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ROADS Fragrances are created in partnership with some of the most highly regarded perfumers in the industry. The process takes nearly a year of work to fine-tune the exact scent from each brief. During that period, every element is refined to produce the highest of standards, resulting in a complex and multi-layered scent. 100ml. 

CORE COLLECTION: The Core Collection by ROADS Fragrances is the backbone of the brand - an exploration into world culture, personality, landscape, and art. 

Bitter End: The influence for Bitter End is the West of Ireland. This area is a beautiful, but barren, place of isolation. The sharp impact of its nonconforming beauty demands those who experience it to stop and consider.  This is a natural, beautiful and herbaceous scent.  A new approach to freshness.

Art Addict: Surprising and sophisticated. Art Addict is a fragrance inspired by the heady lustre and conceptual drive of the international contemporary art world.

Cloud 9: Happiness.  Not euphoria but a true happiness that takes its form in moments of simplicity, when you feel safe and loved. Gentleness and peaceful contentment. Cloud 9 is a clean and comforting scent that is delicate and peaceful.

End Game: This fragrance reflects the halls of power and the corporate chess game of position and influence. A calm and strategic mind frame.

Fool Around: Fool around - let yourself go.  It’s all about now. A fragrance based on the exhilarating connection of people when all senses are heightened and the world comes alive.

Harmattan: Harmattan is a strong trade wind that blows across the Sahara Desert. This parfum captures the magic and mystery of the folklore associated with this wind. It is a light oud with a wind blowing through it.

This Weekend: All about the fun and art of preparing for the weekend ahead,when there is a willingness to let go of formality and structure. This Weekend creates the mood of excitement.

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