ROADS Fragrance

Africa Collection


ROADS Fragrances are created in partnership with some of the most highly regarded perfumers in the industry. The process takes nearly a year of work to fine-tune the exact scent from each brief. During that period, every element is refined to produce the highest of standards, resulting in a complex and multi-layered scent. 100ml. 


The Africa Collection is an exciting collaboration of culture. Inspirational African ingredients are combined with the evocative influences of literature, art and dance to create fragrances that evoke feelings of sensual sophistication, radiance and warmth.

Afropolis: Exciting, fresh and strong, Afropolis is inspired by the influential cultural identity and energetic global impact of contemporary Africa and its dynamic cities.

Past | Presence: The elegance and depth of Past | Presence is inspired by the strength, dignity and clarity of work which has made Nigeria a truly great nation of literature.

I Am Dance: An energetic, colourful and complex fragrance, I Am Dance symbolises the freedom, expression and off-beat rhythm of the African dance-form Pantsula.

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