Original Chic by Odalisque

Satin Eyeshadow


We love our satin eyeshadows! The buttery formula makes them easy to apply with a brush or even your finger. They are reflective, but not glittery. Blend them right into the lid for everyday or add something extra with it. 


Hey Mr: light to midtone iced taupe

Fixated: high shine dark pink bronze 

Flashy: slightly mauve sandy brown

Fig: darkly veiled plum

Luxury: pearlized muted plum taupe

Rapture: metalized beige gold

Rosebud: rose gold pink 

X-ray: intense duo chrome red

Snob: soft medium muted peach & icy shimmer

Oomph: plum fleck with bronze shimmer

Blow Dry:  light to midtone pearlized bronzed taupe

Turkish: golden plum brown & gold shimmer

Tail Spin: pearlized icy light gold highlighter

Time Flys: pearl blue lilac

High Flyer: frosted mid tone orchid 

Beige Mist: frosty yellowed beige & icy shimmer

Cutting Edge: metalized greenish silver grey

Instagram: dark satin grayish blue 

Misfit: bronze gold with flecks of silver 

Sketchy: Rich deep wine

Why we love: 

  • triple milled
  • highly pigmented
  • easy to apply 
  • long lasting 

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