Single Eyeshadow


A single color shadow that is easy to keep in your handbag for a quick warm, summer shine. These formulas are first of their kind innovation, you wont find anywhere else. There unique formula gives a dewy effect without the greasy feel or finish

What makes it different: Clean ingredients formulated with unique shapes and sizes of gold and silver pearl and reflex (not glitter), to give optimal reflective shine. Always vegan and cruelty free, it's gorgeous by itself to give a dewy effect without the greasy feel or finish, or layer on top of your favorite eyeshadows for that extra shine and texture.


SUMMER DISCO - burnt sienna 

DISCO EYE - glossy illuminate 

Ethically sourced Mica...always. RÒEN holds the highest standards with there labs to source the Mica found in all of the eyeshadows to be ethical and safe.

RENs outer packaging is 100% recyclable. If you choose to toss it.

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