Skincare Discovery Kit


Gorgeous and giftable, Surya's Skincare Discovery Set is the perfect introduction to Ayurvedic beauty.

Our Discovery Set consists of three skincare best-sellers and our exclusively designed Ayurvedic skincare tool, a two-sided Kansa Wand.

Balancing Face Oil and Collagen Cream work in tandem to nourish and restore the suppleness of your deep epidermis, as well as your skin’s uppermost layers, producing that elusive and lasting glow. Our Calming Lip Therapy soothes and protects the hardest-working facial tissues, and our Kansa wand, tipped on both ends with an ancient bronze alloy that’s both thermally and electrically conductive, invigorates the skin, and in the using of it, produces profound calm.

How to use: Surya’s Discovery Set is the perfect introduction to Ayurvedic beauty, with Surya’s three best-selling skincare items. Start by applying the Balancing Face Oil to your clean and dry face with the exclusively designed, double-sided Kansa Wand to gently massage and stimulate your skin. Next, apply the Balancing Collagen Cream, massaging in small circles, to lock in the nourishing benefits. The Kansa Wand can also be used in this stage if desired. Lastly, apply a touch of Surya’s Lip Therapy. The results: glowing, nourished, and beautiful skin. Just a little of these products goes a long way.

Key Ingredients:

  • Bakuchi Oil, naturally extracted, is a botanical retinol, helping smooth fine lines, diminish dark circles, and is richly moisturizing.
  • Chebula, a powerful antioxidant, helps reduce fine lines, and brightens and firms skin tone.
  • Keshara Saffron is a potent antioxidant that works to brighten skin, reduce inflammation, and is a strong anti-aging  element.
  • Brahmi soothes skin and improves complexion, improves tone and color, helps with irritated skin conditions.
  • Pearl Powder, luxuriously rich in antioxidants, brightens skin, rejuvenating the face for a true, youthful glow.

(Collagen Cream) Boswellia Frankincense, Rose Petals
(Face Oil) Red Sandalwood Bark Powder, Neem Leaf
(Calming Lip Therapy) Lavender, Vanilla


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