Maker + Merchant

Soma Botanical Perfume


Ylang ylang + fresh cardamom + vetiver

Ingredients: Steam distilled essential oils in a base of certified organic sunflower oil

work natural miracles.

The cooling lunar energy of ylang ylang flower communes with notes of woody, spiced earth to enhance feelings of calm + uplift mood. Feminine floral notes are balanced with fresh cardamom and grounding vetiver root. Formulated for the sacral and heart chakra, Soma spurs sensuality, compassion + creativity,  while uniting body and spirit. 

the ritual.

Roll away your stress + breathe in the calming energy of Soma. Apply + reapply to spark sensuality while grounding + centering. 


Maker + Merchant are proud to support certified organic U.S.-based farms. Sustainable, regeneratively produced ingredients that encourage healthy skin - and a healthy planet- are at the core of everything M+M does. Soma is purely plant-based and created with 98% USDA-certified organic ingredients. 

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