Ojai Wild

Virgin Bloom


This exceptional facial oil features Yarrow as the first in our library of impeccably potent botanical extracts called, Virgin Bloom™. These pure plant, slow heat extractions™ are designed and rendered in-house to elicit the full medicinal and fragrant profile of each bloom, promoting advanced skin nourishment, restoration and glowing healthy skin.

Known for centuries as the “wound healing” medicine, yarrow is a multi-faceted botanical “shaman,” with deeply beneficial skin reparative aspects. Both, increased blood circulation: promoting the repair of veins, capillaries and skin soothing anti-inflammation are two main aspects in her scope of healing wisdom.

Yarrow is the queen of this formulation and as with all of our products, she is featured as the key ingredient along with added, supportive seed and essential oils, to allow your skin maximum refinement and a deeply nourishing impact.


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