Iles Formula

Conditioner Haute Performance


At the heart of the ILES FORMULA haircare line lies their luxurious CONDITIONER, the cornerstone of the collection. Formulated without parabens, this exceptional conditioner works wonders, instantly transforming damaged, straw-like hair into a vision of sumptuous spun silk perfection. Trusted by today's biggest celebrities and used on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers, ILES FORMULA revitalizes and repairs even the most damaged hair in an instant.

Experience the magic as knots and tangles effortlessly slide away, leaving your hair beautifully healthy and imbued with the delicate scent of white flowers. The unique formula features Silk Proteins from Japan, which deliver an immediate voluptuous effect, while advanced technology helps to instantly seal the hair cuticles, creating a gorgeously smooth surface.

They've sourced premium ingredients from around the world, including Tucuma Palm and the seeds of the Macrobola Tree from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, along with 16 other proprietary ingredients, including Vitamin E and B5, to provide total hair rejuvenation.

Directions: After using the Iles Formula shampoo apply the Iles Formula conditioner. Apply the conditioner to mid length and ends of the hair, then comb through for even distribution. The comb is the vehicle that will deliver to the roots precisely what is needed. Rinse

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