Jin Soon

HyperCare Cuticle Pusher and Reducer


HyperCare Cuticle Pusher + Reducer – Created by renowned nail expert Jin Soon Choi, this unique tool is made with ultra-fine diamond particles adhered at two angles and lengths to reduce unwanted cuticles, exfoliate, and smooth uneven ridges. The abrasive goes to the very edge of the tool surface to better facilitate cuticle pushing, reduction, shaping, and exfoliating excess cuticles that cover your nail bed. This hygienic implement can be sterilized in ultra-high temperature Autoclaves. 

Expert tip: “It is better to push back the cuticles than to cut them, as the cuticle’s primary purpose is to protect the nail. When you push back cuticles thoroughly there is no need to cut them other than loose cuticle bits!”

InstructionsPush back the main cuticle, softly working from the middle and moving to the side parts until you see the clean barrier of the cuticle line. For very thick and stubborn cuticles, use the short angle of the cuticle pusher. The longer side is for soft cuticles. 

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