Manasi 7

All Over Colour


Gently dab these luxe all over colour shades on your lips, cheeks and eyes for the sporty, fresh and natural look. Small batch made in Sweden, with the most natural and hydrating ingredients. The "cool girl" makeup piece. 

Densuke: A magical peachy/coral shade

Bisque: Barely there, peachy beige hue with a touch of warmth

Fuchsine: A rich fuchsia pink suitable for a statement look and for deeper skin tones

Kuranberi: A deep, sophisticated cranberry red shade with cooler undertones 

Kobicha: Brown with neutral undertones, a universally flattering shade that everyone can pull off 

Chamoisee: The perfect "no color, color" earthy neutral brown pink 

Etruscan: A neutral antique rose pink hue with earthy undertone

 Mangosteen: A rich, deep blackish red purple shade that darkens things up. Looks scary, but is SO wearable

 Saguinello: A bright yet sophisticated coral perfect for late early fall

NEW Dianthus: A medium rose pink that you can wear from day to evening with ease 

NEW Alizarin: A deep contemporary cool classic red 

NEW  Ikura: A warm bright red for a modern statement

NEW  Sunsubiro: Inspired by seasonal color changes in nature and the metallic sheen from the interaction of reflected light, where chromatic gold meets pink  

NEW Sisserou: A dusty mauve shade with a hint of brown

Gazania: Inspired by the ceylon cinnamon and with hues of neutral brown, cinnamon, and peach, Gazania is flattering on anyone 

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