Body Moisturizer


Benjoim stands as a cornerstone of tradition within the esteemed fragrance collection of Granado. Reviving the essence of the Granado Collection, this product pays homage to the luxurious bottles of yesteryears, reminiscent of Granado's opulent offerings from the early 20th century. In a timeless and refined composition, the Benjoim fragrance exudes an oriental and spicy floral bouquet, evoking a sense of classic sophistication. Immerse yourself in the allure of this iconic scent, crafted to captivate and enchant with its timeless elegance.

Transport yourself to the vibrant essence of Rio de Janeiro with Bossa, a fragrance that celebrates the city's enchanting allure. Inspired by its lush coastline, the warmth of Rio summer, and its laid-back lifestyle, Bossa captures the spirit of this iconic destination. Infused with marine notes and a delicate floral bouquet, this fragrance emanates a sense of freshness, cheerfulness, and comfort. Let Bossa envelop you in its refreshing embrace, reminiscent of the vibrant energy and relaxed ambiance of Rio de Janeiro.

Salomé, a timeless fragrance from Granado, epitomizes sophistication and elegance. This classic scent harmoniously blends citrusy notes with a lavish bouquet of white flowers and jasmine, creating an enchanting olfactory experience. The addition of woody elements adds a comforting touch, enhancing the overall composition with a sense of warmth and harmony. Indulge in the allure of Salomé and envelop yourself in its timeless beauty, evoking feelings of grace and refinement with every spritz.

The moisturizing body cream is meticulously crafted with natural glycerin and sweet almond oil to deliver deep, long-lasting hydration to your skin. Enriched with these nourishing ingredients, it replenishes moisture levels, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple throughout the day.

Free of dyes and ingredients of animal origin.

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