Rituel De Fille

Eye Soot


Ash and Ember Eye Soots, meticulously crafted by hand using only pure pigments and oils, completely free from waxes. This unique formulation ensures that the eye soot remains intact without melting, even when in contact with the warmth of your skin.

Explore a captivating range of shades:

  • Half Light: A captivating taupe hue
  • Incantation: A delicate blush rose shade
  • Love Spell: Enchanting copper tones
  • Sigil: Radiant rosé champagne hue
  • Flora: Dimensional lavender with depth and vibrancy

Each Ash and Ember Eye Soot offers unparalleled pigmentation and luxurious texture, allowing for effortless application and stunning results. Elevate your eye makeup game with these exquisite shades that inspire creativity and confidence.

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