Face Tan Water


Nuda's Face Tan Elixir is your ultimate solution for achieving a radiant, sun-kissed complexion effortlessly. Infused with a harmonious blend of nourishing ingredients, including Aloe Vera, white tea extract, cucumber extract, rosehip extract, fruit extract, chamomile extract, and vitamins A, C, and E, this weightless elixir is designed to not only impart a natural-looking glow but also deeply hydrate and revitalize your skin.

Say goodbye to uneven application and streaky results. This translucent formula ensures a seamless finish, minimizing redness and evening out your skin tone for a flawless look. With the Face Tan Elixir, you can achieve a streak-free tan without the hassle of staining your hands or needing cotton pads.

The Mist comes in two shades

Original: Suits light to medium skin tones

Dark: Suits medium to dark skin tones

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