Original Chic by Odalisque

Highlight Stick


Original Chic Highlight Sticks, your secret weapon for effortlessly glowing skin. Available in two enchanting shades, Lavender Lights and Pink Lights, these highlight sticks are designed to illuminate your complexion with a radiant, ethereal glow.

Lavender Lights: Infused with subtle lavender undertones, this shade adds a touch of mystical allure to your makeup look. Its pearlescent finish reflects light beautifully, creating a soft-focus effect that blurs imperfections and enhances your natural radiance.

Pink Lights: Embrace a rosy, luminous glow with Pink Lights. This universally flattering shade complements all skin tones, delivering a dewy, fresh-faced glow that instantly brightens your complexion. Its creamy texture melts seamlessly into the skin, leaving behind a dewy sheen that lasts all day.

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