Maison Crivelli

Perfume (30ml)


" Perfume is a living experience " - Thibaud Crivelli 

A fragrance is an unpredictable and mysterious art form that is constantly evolving.

The facets of a perfume intermingle and express themselves in turn, evolving, and thereby giving the perfume a living energy and character that thrills the senses in a totally personal manner.

Founder, Thibaud Crivelli is sharing more than 15 years of exploring plantations and raw materials markets. These experiences have given him an instinctive, sensorial and global understanding of perfume, which complements the perfumers’ knowledge perfectly.

30ML Scents: 

Lys Sølaberg- a smoky, pearlescent lily contrasts with a moist, amber note

Papyrus Moléculaire- milky, woody and powdery papyrus contrasts with deep and rebellious tobacco

Iris Malikhân- verdant and powdery iris contrasts with a combination of vanilla and leather, turning this scent into an intoxicating and addictive accord

Osmanthe Kōdoshān- a leather and verdant osmanthus contrasts with moist and mysterious woody notes

Santal Volcanique- potent and addictive sandalwood, brightened by the vibrant notes of a spicy coffee

Citrus BatiKanga- icy, juicy and spicy bergamot contrasts with the warmth of vetyver and myrrh

Rose SaltifOlia- sparkling and crystalline rose Centifolia meets salty and silky seaweed

Absinthe Boréale- a frosted artemisia contrasts with the comforting softness of musks

Bois Datchaï- crisp and lively berries contrast with smoky and enchanting woods

Fleur Diamantine- an ethereal combination of white flowers contrasts with the creamy texture of bitter almond


Maison Crivelli has chosen minimalist and eco-responsible packaging to reduce waste.

The glass bottles are produced in France and Spain. The boxes and cases are designed using FSC paper and contain no plastics.

The cellophane used to protect the perfumes is produced from wood cellulose, which is biodegradable and compostable.

Packaging and quality control of our products is done by hand in France.

 When Thibaud Crivelli visited vetiver and patchouli plantations in Indonesia, he met with the producers and became fully aware of the need to encourage sustainable development practices for perfume raw materials.

The main objectives are as follows: perennial production, limiting soil depletion or deforestation, avoiding chemical fertilizers, and maintaining a high level of quality.

  Each perfume is formulated without phthalates and without colorants.

Our formulas are certified by toxicologists in accordance with existing laws. They do not contain any animal products. None of our products are tested on animals.

The colour of natural raw materials might vary from one batch to the next, or over time, depending on unpredictable external factors (light, temperature, extraction method, etc.). This does not alter the quality of the products – presented without artifice – in any way.


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