Jenny Patinkin

Sustainable Luxury Contour Brush


These first of their kind makeup brushes are made with recycled plastic bristles that feel so luxuriously soft and pliable, you'd never stop to think that they're also eco-friendly. Each high-tech filament is finer than a human hair, giving you thousands of points of contact on the skin for an effortless, seamless, natural looking application, and a velvety soft feel.

Made to work equally well with cream, liquid or powder makeup, and with an elegant aluminum handle that's weighted for superior balance and control, these handmade makeup brushes set a new standard for sustainable beauty tools.


This angled brush is sized to give a soft contour to your cheeks, temples, forehead and jawline with minimal effort required. With super luxe bristles that won't over-distribute product, this brush is best used with powder products such as blush, bronzer, contour, highlighter or powder application.

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