Augustinus Bader

The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum


 EXTRA TREAT! You'll receive a complimentary XL Mascara in Black with your purchase of this product!

This serum uniquely helps to nourish and revive the follicles responsible for healthy brows and lashes, while protecting against shedding and supporting hair hydration, strength, and natural growth. The result: fuller-looking, face-defining brows and long, lush eyelashes.

  • Clinically proven to strengthen hair follicles
  • Supports more efficient and effective hair follicle functioning for faster and natural hair growth
  • Prevents damage from environmental aggressors which can slow the hair’s natural growth cycle
  • Locks in moisture and nourishes brittle brows and lashes for a more lush, healthy appearance

- The 8ml full size applicator brush has structured bristles with a wide and thin side for easy and precise application.

A complete 90-day supply in each full size 8ml tube.

Ingredients: Roselle + Safflower Extracts • Biotin + Hyaluronic Acid Complex • Red Winter Algae + Castor Oil •

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